St. Hilary Lodge No. 3591

About St. Hilary Lodge

St. Hilary Lodge No. 3591 was consecrated on 4th May 1912 under warrant from The United Grand Lodge of England.

The warrant of constitution was originally granted on 22nd February 1912 after a petition was raised by members of Warren Lodge No. 1276 (Wallasey), (erased in 2001)

A full Lodge history is available by clicking on this link.  Lodge History

You may  be interested to know that the cost of the original warrant was £10. 10s. 0d.

Briefly, you may be interested in the following extract - but please download our full history as a booklet.

"The remarkable growth of Freemasonry in the borough of Wallasey was fully demonstrated when a new Lodge, under the title of St. Hilary, No. 3591, was consecrated at the Masonic Hall, Liscard. There was a large and representative gathering, which included no fewer than forty-four Installed Masters.

In the absence of the Provincial Grand Master of Cheshire Bro. Lord Egerton of Tatton, who has only just returned to England after a sojourn in the South of France for the benefit of his health, the consecration was impressively performed by Bro. Lieut. Col. Hubert Cornwall Legh P.G.D. Deputy Prov. Grand Master.

Bro. Fred Broadsmith P.A.G.Reg. Prov. G. Secretary Cheshire installed Bro. W. H. Cooke P.P.G.D. as the first W. M. of the new Lodge, and the latter subsequently invested his officers, as follows;

Bro. Sir W.H. Lever, Bart, P.P.G.W. as  I.P.M.
G. H. Hindley as S. W.
Dr. T.W.N. Barlow as J. W.
Rev. W.T. Warburton P.M.  P.P.G.C.  as  Chaplain
C. Hewetson Nelson P.M. as Treasurer
A.H. Warran P.M. as Secretary
A.E. Berry as Ass. Secretary
W.D. Band as S. D.
Councillor E.G. Parkinson as J. D.
W.H. Cook P.M.  P.P.G.D. as D. C.
Lt. Col. R.R. Greene P.M. as Almoner
T. Robson as I.G.
F.A. Cooke, Dr. J.F. Nicholson, and T. Moulsdale as Stewards
Bro. A. Wrigley P.M. P.P.S.G.D. as Charity Rep. and
Bro. E.F. Scott P.M.  P.P.G.S. of West Lancashire as Tyler.

In addition to Bro. the Rev. J. Nankivell P.P.G.C. and Bro. E.F. Blakeley the above mentioned Brethren were the Founders of the Lodge."

Past Masters of St.Hilary Lodge

1912      W.H. Cooke                   

1913      G.H. Hindley                          

1914      Dr. T.W.N. Barlow O.B.E.

1915      W.D. Band                 

1916      Albert E. Berry                     

1917      Frank A. Cooke

1918      E.G. Parkinson         

1919      John Farley

1920      P.L. Barry

1921      A.H. Cunningham

1922      Edwin Peace J.P., O.B.E.

1923      Lt. Comm. W.H. Fry R.N.R.

1924      H.W. Peck           

1925      Dr. J. McMillan M.C.   

1926      A. Wrigley B.A.         

1927      H. Cleator

1928      A. Parkin J.P.                  

1929      Frank Lloyd Williams

1930      R.J. Reese

1931      C.E. Peck

1932      J. Boucher                       

1933      W. George Reed          

1934      Col. L.St.George Wilkinson M.C.                

1935      B.J. Kelly

1936      C.E. Marsh-Lyons

1937      E.A. Kirkpatrick

1938      R.R. Atherton M.A.

1939      E.J. Werner

1940      Rev. A.V. Woodcock

1941      Clement Smith                

1942      Clement Smith                

1943      Rowland Hill                

1944      Rowland Hill                

1945      Norman J. Entwistle

1946      Norman J. Entwistle

1947      F.H. Treleaven               

1948      Hugh Kerridge M.A.           

1949      James Carnegie

1950      W. George Reed              

1951      G. Leslie Dawson             

1952      A. William Duckworth

1953      William D. Ellison            

1954      John Talbot

1955      Gordon Cox

1956      Harold T. Moffatt

1957      Frank C. Merrils

1958      Alan R. Jones                

1959      T. John Williams

1960      Richard W. Varley

1961      A. Caisley Henderson         

1962      A. Caisley Henderson
1963      E. Graham Cottrell           

1964      W. Gordon Nairne             

1965      Duncan A. Johnston

1966      Wilfred Lacy                                   

1967      Ernest T. Forster

1968      Jack N. Ryall

1969      Derek C. Davies                            

1970      Duncan A. Johnston

1971      Jeffrey Sidwell

1972      Guy Morrison                                 

1973      Michael J. Foster                          

1974      Kenneth R. Thiis                             

1975      Jeffrey Sidwell

1976      William A. Warburton                   

1977      Vivian H.V. Brown

1978      Richard J. Williamson

1979      Raymond Stockdale

1980      Roger A. Burgess                         

1981      Kenneth W. Smith                         

1982      William D. Ellison                          

1983      A. Noel Ellis-Jones                        

1984      Owen M. Williams                         

1985      Henry E. Cross                             

1986      Kevin H. Whay

1987      Kenneth B. Chaderton                    

1988      Kenneth J. Moran       

1989      George Moffatt                              

1990      Graham L. Roberts                        

1991      Kenneth W. Smith                          

1992      Andrew J. Cross                            

1993      Kenneth J. Moran                          

1994      Henry E. Cross                              

1995      J. David Brand                                

1996      Geoffrey Ashcroft              

1997      David John Siviter J.P.        

1998      A. Noel Ellis-Jones           

1999      J. David Brand                

2000      Kenneth W. Smith             

2001      Stephen Davies              

2002      David A. Edge                

2003      David A. Edge                

2004      Laurence J. Rowbottom                 

2005      Stephen Davies               

2006      Graham L Roberts             

2007      Anthony J. Bilbao

2008      Geoffrey Ashcroft              

2009      Allan R. Edwards

2010      Steve Parker 

2011      Ray Bell    

2012      Graham L Roberts   

2013      Harry Taylor

2014      Paul Rowbottom